When i looked up, i couldn’t believe my eyes! With ten million fireflies lighting up the sky. I went inside on the hot summer night. I got a cool glass of water and went to bed on my trampoline with my siblings. It’s something we do in the summer on camp-grandma we love doing it.  The next day when i woke up, we were getting ready to go to the Great Escape! I put in my black pair of shorts, my white shirt and black converse. We got in the car and went to the Great Escape, it was fun.

oopsie doopsie

 I found a bicycle that was empty. I rang the bell, and from the sky it dropped a gun. I shot it at a tree it fired pink bubbles. I was like whaaat? Then i saw my mom i was like ‘mom what you doing here?’ she said nothing then she raised her foot in the air and stomped on my foot so hard that she broke my foot next thing i wake up to my mom yelling at me to wake up.” oopsie doopsie mom i’ll get out of bed now!” i yell as i rushed to get dressed.

I dont Care

Saturday 2048,


“Alexa dear, come down for breakfast!” she said almost screaming. “Coming” I mumbled. “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME!” this time when she talked my ears felt like they were bleeding. Instead of calling back down i just got up and went downstairs to eat. When i got down there my parents were on the news with me. We seemed to be on the television. “It said they were dead but they were right in front of m…“ I looked they were gone, missing. I didn’t care i just shrugged and went to my friends.

The bike


On a steaming hot summer day in 1992 a boy was riding his bike down the green wood forest path. He stopped to take a drink there was lightning the day before and hit in the green wood forest, and a tree fell on the  boy when he was drinking.He was injured badly, he was paralyzed and couldn’t talk, so they all forgot about the bike.Years later a tree sprouted under the bike, and the tree grow and become one with the bike.3 years later and someone spotted the bike in a tree and took this picture. And that is how it happend.

mom is gone

Last halloween my friends and I went to a haunted horse ride and it was fun but… I wish my parents were here though. And it reminded of a time when my parents died.

The story

My parents died in a car accident when I was 7, some guy t-boned I was in the car at the time that it happened.It was scary,I saw the cop lights the guy was arrested for murder.Then he escaped prison I saw it on t.v. my moms friend was taking care of me for a couple years but soon I didn’t need her.  And she left

                                                      This time

The crazy guy is still missing and people saw him near my house but I can’t find him people say he is searching for me.It is scary knowing he can kill me at any second.


In this time everything was backwards humans were pets not animals and there are animals going to jobs.

These stachus are animals.They are cursed! Here is the story. Once upon a time a witch came to the door of   3 farmers. She asked if she can live there for a day they said “no but…” she didn’t let them finish. She casted the spell and they turned into stachus. If you touch them you get turned into one too. You can break the spell by finding 6 stone then put them around the stachus.

weird dreams

Today I woke up I felt normal, so I went downstairs then I got a weird feeling it was like someone was staring at me, I looked around at first I thought it was my cat but she was at my friends. It was weird so I went on a bike ride thinking it would stop, but it didn’t. Then I look at my watch so I could go home at 5:15 but it seemed to be going backwards, I tried to fix it but it would do anything. I gave up and I went home. When I got home everyone was there so I went up stairs. Everyone was acting weird  they were going backwards so I took a nap. I woke up the next day but I slept for 5 mins how. The days are going backwards too! I got downstairs as fast as I can, I asked my mom what is going on she talked backwards I thought I was going crazy! In my mind I was then everyone was shouting at me backwards “pu ekaw” If you can’t read that it says wake up. All of a sudden I woke up “I was sleeping all the time. “Oops” I say. Then we got on with the day.